The other day, the school was dismissed. Mary, my old flame, and I went home together. While she was fiddling with her smartphone and playing Tower of Saviors, I was listening to metal music.
However, something was brewing.
Suddenly, I saw a couple cuddling each other inside the bush. And there were some strange but alluring sounds coming out from there, which made me get goose bumps and caused physiological changes. In the meantime, I found myself having an erection! Unable to control myself, I kissed Mary by force, and hugged her tight. Just in that few seconds, I came! I could felt the energy of climax. The jubilance of orgasm exploded inside my body. I was just the erupting volcano which was obsessed with sex. I tried to drag Mary to the bush but in vain. She suddenly burst into rage. She slapped me in my face with her tempting hand. What’s more, she tore down my fake dick violently. Then, she took out a jackknife, wanting to chop up my face. Provoked, I grabbed Mary’s head and flung it onto the wood, but I did it too hard. I saw her brain splashed on the trunk.
Mary died! I killed Mary! I won!
Excessively ecstatic, I amplified the music and rushed to the middle of the road to commit suicide. I saw a Porsche 911 driven toward me in high speed. I grinned at the driver to hint him to kill me strongly. No sooner had the car collided with me than I flied into the air. While I was in the air, I regarded myself as an eagle. “I’m the king of the world!” I cried out extremely loudly. Later, I could feel that my head hit against the ground. My brain splashed on Mary’s. What a heroic life! Then, I died.